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When less is just easier

When speaking with women about decorating for the Holidays we emphasize how important it is to not get overwhelmed. Thinking realistically about how the coming year‘s holiday season’s calendar is going to look for you and your family on the front end can really help. Are you hosting a party? Will you be home this Christmas or are you traveling? These are just a few questions to consider when deciding to decorate big or small. But this year, who would have ever dreamed we would be in the middle of carriage house plumbing up to the day family was arriving, or getting water to the workshop sink 30 minutes before we needed to cook for a holiday celebration????!!!! Let’s face it, NO planning on the front end could have prepared us for these unknowns. So this year, in many rooms we simply put out touches of holiday loves and cherished items. This resulted not only in less to put out and less to put back up but the ease and simplicity allowed for us to really enjoy items that otherwise would have gotten lost in the “more”.

❤️ Catherine

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Dec 31, 2021

Less turned out to be best for us this year. Our home looks great (I’ll share pics later) but we had so much going on it was just too much to use all our decorations. We still put lights on the house, but I went for a special sign in place of making a wreath for our door. We still had 3 large trees up downstairs and 3 small or table top trees upstairs and although they all look nice, none were real trees- easy set up. We are grateful for our home and the work we’ve been able to do on it this past few months. I have a lot of yard work to do now once the rain…

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