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Simple Ideas for Living Large


Catherine Strange is the coauthor of the 4 Fearless Entertaining books.
A Home & Garden enthusiast, Catherine loves to encourage others to use what they already have in unusual and unexpected ways.
"Reaching Out by Inviting In” and “Using Whatcha Got" are practices Catherine puts into action often as she shares with us simple Ideas for living large! Catherine and her Husband Randall live in their circa 1905 Henington House & Gardens home located in the Historic Neighborhood of Hattiesburg, Mississippi where she continues to share her message with many across the country through her website and social media titled,
"Catherine Strange & the Henington House" and "The Henington House Home & Garden Club"

John David Williams coauthored
the Fearless Entertaining

books. He can be contacted on his FB page "Designs by John David Williams"

The HENINGTON HOUSE 1909 | Pictured are Madie Henington Johnson and her sister Ethel Henington Edwards, ages four and six. This photo was taken shortly after the Lamar Henington Family moved in. We bought the home from the Henington Girls in 1989. They were both in their eighties.

The Henington House, located in the Historic Neighborhood of Hattiesburg, Mississippi,

was built in 1905 by Mr. Ramsey, who (as the story goes) built it for his daughter as a wedding present.

The wedding, for whatever reason, never took place. After living in the single-story 4,000 sq' home for a while, the daughter decided to move elsewhere.

In 1909, Mr. Ramsey leased the home with an option to buy to Mr. Lamar Henington, an attorney for the Newman Lumber Company. Moving here from nearby Columbia, Mississippi, the Henington Family: Lamar, Madie, and their 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys lived in the home for 70 years until Mrs. Henington's passing at age 100 in 1979.

The Henington House stayed empty for most of the next 10 years until my husband, Randall and I purchased it from the Henington Daughters in 1989.

It has been over 30 years now, and 2 girls and 2 boys of our own have run the halls with friends and pets and decorated Christmas trees that seemed to be a mile high as they topped the 13'-15' ceilings.

Now, with Gratitude and Thankfulness, it is time to embrace the beauty of this Old Girl and the ground that surrounds her. She most certainly is, has been, and always will be a Gift!

The Henington House Today
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