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A God Wink

To date I still don’t know how this photo was taken…

It was the Monday after our Daughter’s wedding here at our home, the Henington House, and everything and everyone was hustling and bustling to get things broken down and put away, and somehow, this shot, showed up on my phone???

I believe it is a God Wink!

Those little signs that show so strongly and perfectly the purpose for everything and everyone that is placed in your path.

You often ask where I get my energy, Or accomplish a certain amount in each day?

I have many answers that are contributing factors, BUT, THIS MAN, TRULY a gift from God, keeps my cup full with his love support and joyous positive spirit! I THANK GOD for YOU Randall Gregory Strange, and Love you so very much!!! Now on to the next Celebration! With you and He who brought us together, it is certainly the JOY Life❤️

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