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Living the Joy Life: March Magazine Release

Did you hear the news?

We’ve released a new issue of our Living the Joy Life magazine! This issue of our monthly publication is dedicated to all things green. We touched on our favorite green plants around the Henington House, the Garden Clubs, and the Begonias in the greenhouse. Since the month of March encompasses the holiday defined by green, St. Patrick’s Day, we share with you how to celebrate with green tea! We talk about how you can “go green” by upcycling, in an article with Leisa Farris. And so much more!

To read the March 2023 magazine issue, you can click the button below or go to the home page and find the section dedicated to our magazine.

Due to your support of our Henington House & Gardens family and home, we will begin releasing a new issue every month, filled with exciting interviews and simple ideas for your own home. Thank you!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming April 2023 magazine!

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