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Sharing the Love For Houseplants | With Brittney Spence and Lilyth Hansen

There is something so rewarding about sharing the meaningful things in life - passions, knowledge, experience, joys, and so much more. It’s also rewarding to share houseplants…fun, too! Not much goes into sharing your favorite plant with your neighbor, but when you decide to make a bigger hobby or job out of sharing houseplants, it can get a little confusing and tedious. But I’m here to ease your concerns!

I recently had the pleasure of talking with another avid plant hobbyist, Britney Spence. She shared with me how she got into her love for plants and her process of selling and growing.

Britney said she has always loved growing her own vegetable garden but realized houseplants were something she could do year-round. “It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, shine, warm or freezing, you can tend to houseplants whenever you feel the itch,” she said. Having the right equipment in your home can really help to grow many different types of plants year-round. Many “extreme hobbyists” purchase things like grow lights, heat mats, plant cabinets (like an indoor greenhouse), and humidifiers. Britney informed me of what she uses while growing her indoor plants; Barrina T5 or T8 grow lights, Monios grow lights, IKEA Mislbo Cabinet, Trapfit Sticky Gnat Traps, and the Levoit humidifier. There are so many different options out there, just make sure to read lots of reviews to see if they are right for you!

It’s so easy to find a community of plant people. From brown thumbs to golden thumbs, there is a group for you. Britney is a part of multiple Facebook groups dedicated to plant trading and sharing tips. “I honestly acquired half of the plants I have today from making trades within the group,” she told me. To find one of these groups, search for them on the Facebook site or app!

If you want to be a part of an in-person community, look for local seed libraries, plant swap events, and farmer’s markets.

In fact, the farmer’s market is how I share my plants. I started out with a few propagations in my apartment and listed them on Facebook Marketplace. I wanted to expand the number of plants I shared and propagated and realized I needed a bigger market to share to. The Downtown Hattiesburg Farmer’s Market was the perfect size! Now, I can start as many propagations as I want and don’t have to worry about cluttering the apartment. I also get to meet so many amazing people within the community and gain the happiness of knowing my plants get to live on in someone else’s home.

Come see me, Lilyth Hansen, at the farmer’s market in Downtown Hattiesburg every Thursday from 3-6! I’m sure I have a plant just for you.

You can find Brittney Spence at her Facebook page, @Brittney Spence or her Instagram, @the_sippie_hippie

If you have registered to attend the Henington House Spring & Garden Days event, the greenhouses will be open for viewing. I, Lilyth, will also be there to answer any questions you have and to do a demonstration on propagation. There will also be a plant swap!

Lilyth with her farmer's market booth

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