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Tough to find JOY in Tech Problems

Well, HH JOY TODAY was a little tougher to find, based on the childish impatience I tend to exhibit when it comes to anything computer or digital. My phone has stopped taking calls and no longer allows me to call out. The main desk top computer has been completely erased in order to prepare for an upcoming project, creating a new set of challenges as I learn how to move forward. A publication that was complete and gives me a great deal of JOY, rolled out with glitches undetected, which took most of the day to correct. (At least we believe they’re corrected!!). ALL DAY LONG I have been A GREAT BIG WHINY BABY!!!!! BUT, as I calm down, take a deep breath, and sip a hot cup of 4:00 tea, I am grateful for it ALL! For without this crazy tech stuff, sharing with all of you, together, our love for Home, Garden and Life, would not be possible.

But, I can not lie, it will be REALLY GOOD to get back in the Garden!!!!

Counting it all JOY, Counting it ALL JOY,

Catherine Hansen Strange

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