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Lemonade in a Fancy Cup?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

This Evening as I was preparing a cup of

Ginger-Lemon Tea in one of my most recent thrift store finds, one of my Grandsons asked why I was making lemonade in a fancy cup. Rather than explaining that it was tea and not lemonade or going into my thoughts regarding fancy cups and how they should be used OFTEN, I simply responded, “Because it makes me Happy! Would you like to join me?” Of course, he did, and we had a grand time as he selected his own tea cup from the China cabinet and added an insane amount of sugar to his


I’m finding as time goes on, how the little and impromptu moments can often be the most precious. My prayer is that whenever possible I experience these moments with Love, JOY, and always in A Fancy Cup!


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