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Looking at tasks as open doors for gratitude and JOY, not chores

Christmas Eve, Eve is one of my favorite days, but it hasn’t always been that way. Some years ago in the annual effort to produce the perfect expected Christmas, I found myself in the annual midst of exhaustion, short temper and overwhelmed. Joy-less in every way while pushing through to that Blessed Cherished Celebration, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then it hit me.

What a contradiction I was experiencing to everything this season and days are to represent and mean. A season and celebrations I looked forward to every year ended up in a whirlwind of “Just Getter Done!”

Not anymore, and actually the solution was quite simple. I didn’t give anything up, or say No to traditions, I changed the way I looked at all the that I chose, or was led to do. No longer are they chores, but the opportunity to think

joyfully about those I am preparing for in celebration of He who came for you and me.

So when I’m cleaning house, I’m so very grateful for a roof and floor and pray for those who are homeless. When cooking and baking I’m in awe of the farmers, suppliers and food He provides. When wrapping I’m in constant thankfulness for friends and family far and near knowing that the GREATEST GIFT of ALL is the reason for such a JOY-FULL celebration not just this season but forever and ever Amen.

❤️ Catherine

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