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When Something Isn't Working as Expected

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

COLD IT HAS BEEN here for a number of days/weeks and it looks like it is not going to let up for awhile. In an Old House you learn to deal with the weather and the temperatures that come along with it, but with the new heating and air units we recently have enjoyed much improvement over the winters in the past. However, the Kitchen Garden Room areas have been staying so Much colder then the other parts of this home that we have been baffled over the cause. Perhaps all of the glass in the Garden Room or the reality that the back of the house has not yet received the improvements that the front of the house has, or maybe the absence of rugs in these areas since this is where our pets live. All of the above may be playing a factor, But this morning i caught a glimpse of something/someone who is contributing to the problem....ROXEY! Our Cat who has taken permanent residence on one of the two vents in the Henington House kitchen!

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