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When i stopped thinking

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

AMAZED i am at how far He has brought me and this place i am blessed to call home! This week we hit the 29th anniversary of the closing of 601 Walnut Street and i stay in awe.... of her beauty and warmth no matter the physical state. At age 30 (yes Randall I know you were only 29!) we entered her prayer covered walls, porches and property and called her home. Visions and over thinking of her updating and restoration kept my mind busy as I planned how "I" would decorate her and how "I" would use her, But..... she wasn't mine to use..... And though i know as i know as i know that i heard Him correctly that this was where He wanted me and my family to be, it was incorrect that it was to be about "Me". This home is HIS and for HIS work and HIS purpose. No place for arrogance, drama, pettiness, manipulation or self centeredness, (all of which I had to abandon and continue to have to abandon). It is for His Love, Peace, Comfort and JOY. A place to  Refresh, Replenish and Restore. And a place for LAUGHTER. Lots and lots of Laughter and CELEBRATIONS. HENINGTON HOUSE is not a Venue or a Hotel, just a home that is seeking towards what He plans for every home to be, not through our "thinking" but in our relaxing and "Hearing" and in Knowing He is God.

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