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When Differences in Opinions and Taste become Fun Traditions

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

WE LOVE FAMILY GATHERINGS and seldom is there arguing or someone's feelings getting hurt. Most likely it is due to the simple fact that no one would probably even notice! You see Gatherings here at the Henington House are usually "crazy fun" with lots going on from front porches to backyard and everything in between. That, along with everyone pitching in to help there's just NO TIME for DRAMA.

.......UNLESS, i fail to include the "canned" cranberry sauce!😳 Time after time i was hassled for making "homemade" cranberry sauce when everyone wanted the Canned.

So one gathering, along with the homemade sauce, i chopped up the can sauce and put it in a pretty bowl and placed it on the table to make everyone happy. But Nooooooo, that wasn't acceptable because "it didn't Look like" the can!!!!! So for years now it has become a fun tradition for friends and family to try and find where I have placed the Canned Cranberry Sauce (in the can form) and to see how i have camouflaged it in order to make it "Diningroom Worthy" 😂

BUT this weekends shopping/thrifting find may be game changer. For i have found a SILVERPLATED CANNED CRANBERRY SAUCE SERVING SET! My guess it's from the 60's and might also work to serve SPAM!

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