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Still & Quiet...for a moment

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

GO! GO! GO! Busy! Busy! Busy! From September 1 until Christmas night things are whipping around non stop. At times it can feel like we‘re moving when we’re standing still as our brain is bouncing around trying to keep track of all we believe we need to do.... BUT NOT TONIGHT, nope, not tonight.... The evening air is beautiful and crisp, absolutely perfect for taking in and banking the memories and joys of all this 2018 holiday season brought to us here at the Henington House. THANK YOU! You May not realize it, but each and everyone of you has played a very big part in the uplifting Spirit that is experienced here. Wether your presence at an event or online, your encouragement and enthusiasm for all that we’re doing here has contributed hugely. THANK YOU! It means so much and we’re looking forward to having with you with us in all we have planned for 2019!!

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