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Same Place, Same Pieces, Different Materials

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

THERE ARE MANY TRICKS, TIPS AND PRACTICES I have learned over the years that have made decorating and entertaining easier and more enjoyable. One that really simplified preparing for anything here at the Henington House was simply placing items I loved in key visual areas of our home. Making sure a few items were vessels or containers able to hold water has allowed for fresh material to be changed out in order to reflect the occasion or season. Shown here with Sun Flowers is was how this key area looked for Fall Ladies Day. Today, I’ve filled the same vessels with Magnolia Leaves. Earlier this Summer these same vessels adorned Russian Olive and Abellia and for our Hands on workshop November 15 with FGH SPIRIT OF WOMEN I’m think big branches of colored leaves may be our choice for seasonal materials. For Christmas I believe I’ll play with the idea of long leaf pine branches with pine cones and finishing off the containers with large beautiful red ribbons and bows! So there you go! Find a central place in your home, add a few favorite items making sure at least one will hold water and begin placing inside of them whatever you or your neighbors might have in the yard!

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