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Just How Long Should You Hold On?

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Almost 20 YEARS AGO I found these finials at a wonderful outlet place somewhere in Georgia while on a mad hunt with another plant loving girlfriend for a Variegated Tricolor Porcelain Berry Vine....(another story for another time)

BUT These finals were carefully packaged by twos and were priced under $8 for the pair!!! So I bought them up KNOWING that I could use them sometime soon on the windows where I so desperately needed drapery! Well guess what? They moved in the bag I brought them home in from room to room for months. Then into a box that went up to the attic for Years. Then on to the estate sale of my Parents for $1 a piece and DIDN'T sell so I Convinced my next door neighbor to take them home FREE telling her I would ask for them back if I figured out how to use them before she did. Well it was a whole year before the call, but I asked for them back and they FINALLY are handsomely adorning their  drapery rods in 3 different rooms. But it does make me wonder JUST HOW LONG SHOULD i HOLD ON TO THINGS??!!!

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