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Baby it's Cold Outside!

Monday, January 1, 2018


COLD IT IS on this very first day of the Amazing, Wonderful, God Favored, year of 2018!! Too cold to wander the gardens in preparation and dreams of the warm spring to come. (Traditionally one of the things I do on the first of the year.) For if you're a Gardener, there is no chance of getting bored after the Christmas Holidays are over. We can usually move directly into preparing the soil and pondering over seed catalogs. Especially here in the Deep South. 

But, Today, still in my pajamas, I am hunkered down at the table by the diningroom fireplace surrounded by wedding books, Bible, current Journal, 2 favorite devotionals, Magazine clippings,  lists of "still to be done on the house", lap top, bottled water, almonds and the very best cup of hot coffee you could imagine. Not a bad way to start off this Joyous year...nope... not a bad way at all....

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