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A Memory that connects many of the Dots to what I LOVE TODAY

This Photo is me at about age 10. This is also about the age when I stopped riding my Stingray bike to “Cozy’s 5 & Dime Store” to spend my 10 cent allowance on a bag full of candy and began stopping instead at the California Nursery to spend my allowance on PLANTS! Yes! Oh the hours I spent there looking through the Gardens and agonizing over just which plant I would spend my allowance on. But this is also where l began to learn about plants and how to take care of them. THANK YOU Employees and Owners of the California Nursery in Niles, California for your Kindness and Wisdom. I will never forget you AND your patience. The fact I didn’t have to return home until the street lights came on meant you put up with me for quite awhile on a regular basis!!!!🥰

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