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A Full House for the Holidays

Christmas Day is coming to a close and we are on day 3 of a Full House. Though I’m not familiar with the card game, I do know that a Full House is a good thing to be in possession of and that is certainly the case here at the Henington House!!

Give me the laughter, the messy kitchen the running in the house, the late nights and everything else that comes with it!! The memories reminisced and the memories in the making are priceless gems in the family treasury, far more valuable than a clean floor.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

❤️ Catherine

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Thank you sweet sister in Christ for your ray of light and hope. ♥️

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Here’s to JOY in the new year! Thanks for all your inspiration, Catherine.

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Thank You!! And to you TOO!!! God has great plans for all of us in this New Year. I just Know it!!!!🥰

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Merry Christmas sweet Catherine to you and each dear member of your full house!! ❤️

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Too you too Charlotte!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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