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When you can’t find Jesus

This Madonna is all that remains from a Beautiful Nativity my parents owned. And though she stands gracefully on her own, she is missing her baby, Jesus. It wasn’t until sometime after we brought many Christmas decorations down from the attic and put them in place, that we realized the missing figurine . So this year we decided to join many in the tradition of not placing the Christ child until Christmas Eve.

This morning while in quiet time, and preparing to search the attic for baby Jesus, I was warmly embraced by the illuminating word “Immanuel” a word we seldom hear outside of the Christmas season, but it holds the important message in it‘s meaning “God is with Us!”. This reminded me that He is ALWAYS WITH US every minute of EVERYDAY. He is with us in every breath and in every step we take. So whether I locate the figurine in the attic or not, that will never change!! Merry Christmas!! ❤️Catherine

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