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God & Gardener

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

I think often of the Gardening radio show I was listening to many years ago while driving. “I feel SO guilty,” the caller said, “I’d rather be out taking care of my Garden over ANYTHING else!” This was not a surprising expression of emotion for any of us that love to Garden, but what was unexpected was the response of the talk show guest as he almost impatiently said, “Why is Everyone so surprised that they’d rather be in the Garden?!!! The Garden is the first gift God ever gave to man!” It was that comment that would change the way I looked at my time in the Garden forever. It has also made me keenly aware of the relationship between our God and us the Gardener realizing that our Garden is that which He has put in our care. Genesis 2:15 - “And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden

to tend and guard and keep it.” So whether it’s your yard your classroom your home, a call from a neighbor or an old friend, whatever it is, for TODAY it is our Garden and we are the Gardener... what a Gift!❤️

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