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You can find it in your own backyard

FOR YEARS I’VE ADMIRED FROM AFAR the perfect floral arrangements produced by those professionals that carry well earned titles attached to their names. The flowers and foliage they used from far away kept me in want of their gifts as well as a garden exhibiting such gems. However, after years of attempts, time and money, I decided to stop trying to recreate someone else’s work and stop trying to grow plants that were not going to survive. Instead I decided to relax for a spell and see what I could find close by. To my surprise I not only discovered flowers and materials that I could use year round in my own backyard, but I also found an unexpected style within me that I could call my own.

You have your own style, wether you realize it or not. It’s in everything you do. Take the time to look around. Think about what brings you Joy and what you find beautiful. From that point you will be amazed at how easy it is to create things that you love for you and for those you love.

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