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"Unexpected Provision"

WELL PLANNED i THOUGHT was the layout of my "Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden" on the side yard of the Henington House, bringing in an array of well researched, delectable plants for my invited winged guests to feast upon.

Every bit of flowerbed real estate to my delight seemed to be in step. Frequent visitors came and went, here and there, to taste test the buffet strategically placed before them.

However, it wasn't until i came home after being gone for a few days that i found a DAILY CROWD pulled up to the botanical dinner table and realized what they really wanted was what most of us consider a"WEED!!"

So in effort to stay in sync with God's will in every moment and every situation i am believing that

1) He knows better than i what they like and need, and 2)That it would be unkind to pull it all down now. THEREFORE for right now, "i SHALL NOT WEED!"☺️

Thanks God!!

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