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The JOY Life

Living the JOY Life is a daily choice that begins first thing in the morning, but what keeps me on the JOY track throughout the day, is to make sure my path crosses often with that which puts a hop in my step.

Set on the long pine table in the HH workshop is the gift of a beautiful JOY tray and lovely silk spray, a sprig of fresh Rosemary from the workshop kitchen window, a favorite thrift find tea pot with coordinating stacked salt and pepper shakers and a last minute jingle bell picked up off the workshop floor. I’ve passed this vignette many times in the past two days and each time I am reminded with a joy-full uplifting, the gifts of friendships, interests & loves.

Never underestimate the power of that which brings you JOY. How the rest of your day goes depends on it. ❤️ Catherine

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A joyful way to start my day reading your encouraging words.


Shelli Goodrich
Shelli Goodrich
Dec 23, 2021

I’m back! This will work for me my friend.


I’m so glad you are using this medium, Catherine. It will be easy to find and read your wonderful and encouraging words. Thank you. ❤️

Dec 24, 2021
Replying to

I agree❤️

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