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SINCE including SCENTS, the Joy experienced ALL MAKES SENSE!

YESTERDAY, DURING OUR FB LIVE SEGMENT “MEET ME IN THE GARDEN MONDAY“, we discussed the gift of fragrance that so many plants can provide. We also discussed the importance of strategically placing them at entrances and porches for the enjoyment of all those who come, go and those who sit a spell. Today I’ve heard from many of you and your messages have been full of Joy! Joy as you have shared how you’re using fragrance in your own garden. Joy as you’ve reminisced over memories of others and experiences that a scent brings to mind. Joy as you’ve asked questions about the plants discussed yesterday because you now want to include the sweet fragrance experience in your own home and garden. In every case, yet different, the conversation has been full of joy and that brings me JOY. The Gift of fragrance not created by man but by the Almighty Himself providing such Love and Joy.... yep, it All makes SCENTS😘

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