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Oh What a Difference it Made!


A Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! DOUBLE WIN!!!!

As a Gardener in the Deep South there was a period of “bloom lack” and “heat provoked distress” in the yard here at the HH. From June through October there was little colorful or lively action other than the welcomed July Orange/red bloom of the Crocosmia. Well not now!! Thanks to developments in the Rose and Hydrangea Families with the introduction of the Drift/Knockout Roses and the Sun Loving Limelight Hydrangeas I now have Blooms at the HH ALL SUMMER LONG!!!!! AND in both cases they are CAREFREE!!! Now throw in a few TROPICALS such as the Elephant Ears, Banana Trees, flowering Canas and Gingers... BOOM! DONE!

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