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Lowercase "i"

This time on earth i believe is all about the journey, and the older i get, and the more times i fall it becomes apparent that the journey is not about me but to mold and shape me into what He needs for His Will and Purpose. There is no mistake or opportunity missed (or misinterpreted) that He can't use. If ever asked how i know, that i know, that i know there is a God, my answer is surely the proof that He uses EVERYTHING for our good. i stay in awe of our Creator who loves us so, and it has only been in these last 5 years of somewhat solitude, journaling and seeking Him that i have realized that "I" was my own worse enemy. Somewhere along the way we (especially women) have convinced ourselves that we need to supply the strength needed in order to survive and have worth. Our years of over riding fears and insecurities with "self produced" strength has resulted in being worn out and in my case "arrogance" which my Heavenly Father's Spirit so severly pointed out during an Emmaus retreat just over 4 years ago. So as a daily reminder to myself that my Almighty Creator is THE ONLY "I AM" i use lowercase "i" and pray often that i will always remember that i can do any and everything ONLY through Christ.

This home and property is no exception. It is His......we are only the caretakers.

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