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It goes so very fast…

This Holiday season, Randall and I were Blessed to have all four Children here not only for Christmas, but also two weeks ago for our neighborhood’s 45th Victorian Candlelighting. We Love living in our home, but there is nothing like the Spirt of Love and Life that explodes when these siblings and their crews all get together.

How Grateful I am for the priceless advice and well practiced wisdom shared with me over 30 years ago by a dear friend, ”While your Children are small, and growing up in your home, cherish EVERY MOMENT no matter how tired, frustrated or overwhelmed you feel. They will be out of your home sooner than you think and the time goes by so very fast…”

So as I’ve already prayed Angels around both of our Girls and Family as they pulled out from the Henington House earlier today, I stay centered in the JOY seeing them spread their wings and grow, while also being very thankful for the direction given and taken to be “all In” while they were all here under our wings.

❤️ Catherine

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