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YOU Were Made Uniquely

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

YES YOU WERE CREATED UNIQUELY and so was i. We each were made specifically for a purpose that no one else can fill. So what a wonderful place it would be if we celebrated each other's differences and no longer tagged "friends" with what "WE" the high and mighty all perfect, have decided is their shortcomings. Most likely our criticism is flashing our own faults brighter then any of theirs......PLUS, there is a Very good chance that their shortcomings are actually their strengths. We just simply need to be the friend and family member that speaks positively and supportively about others and the way to do that is to surround ourselves with the friends and family that speak positively and Supportively of us and others. Let's make ourselves and our homes an uplifting place, absent of negative words and actions. A dwelling place where all can find Love, Peace, Joy and an up lifting Spirit.

.....and yes in the photo above, that's me, being me☺️

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