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HENINGTON HOUSE: Wired Differently

MY HUSBAND HATES THIS LAMP and i LOVE IT! So excited i was when i found it 90% off at Hudson's Treasure Hunt and thought it would be the perfect addition to his office. Well he thought it was a joke and told me very quickly that if it was 90% off then i paid 10% too much!!! It's not very often that Randall and i don't see eye to eye on things, and many times when we don't, we can find Joy and appreciation within the other's view......but this is NOT one of those times! And though we have laughed and been amazed at how differently we each view this piece, it is a reminder of how differently we are each wired. Uniquely woven each of us is for purposes no one else can fill and I am not only loving the seeking daily of what that is for each day, and in this place, but also enjoying helping others realize how special they are. No matter our past or what each of us are dealing with, we are responsible only for today and He has equipped us each uniquely for just that.

SO for today, i have proudly displayed MY lamp on the Henington House Garden Room desk with the hope that before long Randall will be wired with good taste!😂🤣

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