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Why creating it to work like you work, WORKS!!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I have often shared with you how freeing embracing who you are can be. That the realization that we were each created uniquely and bring strengths and weaknesses to the table that no one else can bring is a game/life changer. But few experiences have illustrated this thinking greater than the HH “Fresh Start Calendar” Idea that many of us are implementing this New Year.

For years I have been enchanted by beautiful expensive planners and calendars that have been created by left brain master minds. The promises of these planners “Organizing Me” lured me in annually only to find failure in MY capibility to fulfill someone else’s expectations. Well not this year.... a simple $ store calendar, a small notebook for an on going “to do list”-, a few markers, a pencil and 2 highlighters is all that was needed to make a very doable and flexible master plan just for me. So don’t judge the miss spelling, the chicken scratching or the things that are not important to you on this calendar, because it’s Mine and for the first time I’ve got a calendar system that is working for me!! ☺️

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