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When Two become One Breakfast/Garden Room

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

WHAT ONCE WAS a screened in porch/pantry/back entry hall/sleeping porch has now been our breakfast room for most of the past 25 years. However, it was just under a year ago when I was blessed to work with wonderful plant people that it became apparent that I needed more "plant space" OR stop bringing plants home.... WELL, That probably wasn't Going to happen......So move over breakfast room!!! And even though I would probably choose the walls of a "Garden Room" to be cream, yellow, white, or a pale pale light mint, The Red will do and the blue and white dishware that served this family of 6 well, will do the same for the bulbs, ferns and seedlings, no doubt! 

And though the large farm table has been moved towards the windows so that the plants may get their adaquate light, the small pine table now in the center will do quite nicely for Randall, myself and our coffee. Thank you sweet Room, you have adapted quite nicely and serving us well!!!

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