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When Nothing Fits and it's PERFECT

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

FOR YEARS we had nothing above most of our mantles. The space is large, the ceilings are high and it seemed as if anything we put up there was swallowed by the width and height around it. However, there were these large HUGE frames my Mother and i had stumbled across early one Saturday Morning many years ago at a downtown festival. Evidently, A gallery from New Orleans would travel the 90 miles East to Hattiesburg to clear out their no longer wanted frames and artwork. SO VERY EXCITED we were when we found them, that we bought all they had (4) not designating who's was who's but committing to each of us taking two.

Proud of our "find" we strapped/balanced them to the top of my little grey station wagon and headed the 5 blocks to the Henington House. Unfortunately, at block 4, one slowly slid off the little station wagon roof and crashed into 100s of pieces at the corner of Rebecca and Ronnie one block from the house..........Mom very quickly, with great confidence, looked at me and said "that was one of yours".............😳

Well.... she meant it, and for years my "one" frame stayed in my attic and her "two" stayed in her storage units. Finding something to put in these large frames seemed to be impossible, but the size was just what we needed to fill the space above the mantles. So just within this year We pulled out of the attic my frame and set it on top of the Ladies Parlor Mantle and in it we  added another frame along with a cherished family portrait. NONE of it fits! BUT i LOVE IT and it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!

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