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When all Resembles "HOME"

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

THERE ARE LIMITATIONS to having a Wedding At Home beginning with the number of guests. Planning to use the Lawns and Porches may allow for expanding a bit, however not knowing what the weather might have in mind dictates keeping your number in check. Then comes being from a Huge Family on both sides that "ALL SHOW UP" and BAM pretty much you've got your guest list. BUT there are so many positives to having a Wedding at Home and for me this single photograph of what served as the Wedding Alter taken by my Sister in Law, Lena Hansen, represents many of them.

- This is the spot Jilli first entered our home when we brought her home from the hospital 27+ years ago.

- The Cross and Crown has sat on the entrance table of our home most of her growing up, with the hope of being the first that is seen coming in and the last going out.

- All of the floral and greenery (with the exception of 2 white Hydrangeas) came out of the Henington House Gardens most of which were growing here prior to her being born and cut by her cousins and God Mother for this special day.

- The Pedestal, belonging to her 2nd Family, represents lifetime friends and neighbors.

SO IN A SINGLE GLIMPSE this and many other details incorporated throughout this one single celebratory evening represented and RESEMBLED EVERYTHING HOME and FAMILY. Not a bad thing in our book☺️

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