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When a bit of Home is So Very Far Away

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

MY YOUNGEST IS SERVING in the US Air Force. She has not ever known any other Home other than the Henington House. Close to 21 years ago we brought her home here in her sweet little white eyelet baby gown and bonnet, which today has now advanced into camouflage. For over a year she has been stationed less than 6 hours away so we were Blessed to see her often. But not she is half way around the world. And even though we miss her and it is such an odd feeling knowing that I can't hop in a car and get to her....WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF HER!!! And there is comfort in knowing that she is always Home.....her piece just happens to be little further away than normal....

Dear Heavenly Father Please Protect Our Troops

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