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"What do You Have inorder to Create what You've Dreamed up in Your Head?"

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

DREAMING UP IDEAS in our mind about style, color or a feeling we want in a look or atmosphere is not a mistake, in fact it's necessary, but only to use as a launching pad. If you have set in stone an idea or decor decision before you ever go looking for it, you are setting your self up for disappointment. Keep your ideas loose and directional not firm and often you will find what your looking for within your own things. I knew we wanted blue and white for the Grooms table. In my mind I imagined a large oversized blue and white vase. I hunted looking for one in the shape I had dreamed up with no luck. Then I realized I had a clear jar in the desired size and shape and a bunch of blue and white ceramic balls that were my parents!!!! Putting them together I was able to create the  look I had dreamed of out of what I already had. The price was right as well☺️

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