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HENINGTON HOUSE: Using Whatcha Got

WHEN DISCUSSING DESIGN ELEMENTS and IDEAS for the upcoming Wedding and Reception here at Home with my Daughter, she mentioned that many Brides were renting period furnishings to enhance their venues and that she might like to do that..............Silence came over both of us and then we bursted out in Laughter!!! "NOT A PROBLEM" i said, stretching my arms out amongest all of the Blessings of period furniture found in any direction of the formal part of the HENINGTON HOUSE. 

Pieces originally from here have been returned over the years by friends, Heninington Family members and even Strangers. Pieces from my family's collecting, Randall's family and the generosity of friends who have downsized or felt family pieces of theirs fit here better than their own homes, have filled these rooms....AND it doesn't stop there!! Glassware, dishware, serving pieces and decorative pieces, all acquired through the blessings of kindness, generosity, clearence sales, estate sales or getting to someone's pile on the side of the road first☺️.......ALL BLESSINGS!!

SO as of last evening, we are debating two different directions. All white and light or very eclectic. Either way we will be looking first at what we already have and using them in both classic and unusual ways. This will serve in two ways. One in helping our very small budget and the other by surrounding us with all of love that has been a big part of aguiring these meaningful pieces.

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