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"TRAINing" a Child

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

 THE JOYS OF GRANDCHILDREN ARE SO VERY MANY but few are as special as when they zero in on a particular interest. At a very young age they no doubt find things that make their little hearts merry. When that interest happens to be one of yours as well, then all is right with the world. 

Both Trains and Train Travel have been a big part of the Randall Strange Family. Both of us growing up in Train towns, Randall from Tupelo, Mississippi and i from Niles, California, Hattiesburg immediately felt like a little bit of Home. The rumble of the tracks and songs of the whistle might not be described  as a lullaby, but certainly a familiar folk song that instantly brings back memories and comfort. For us, a big plus  of the  Henington House location is the short 6 blocks from the historic (and still active) Train Station. Wether on Saturday mornings greeting the Southern Crescent as it headed North on its daily Journey from New Orleans to New York, or the monthly meetings promoting passenger rail travel, we did it together as a young family. In fact, our youngest Son's nickname was (and for me, still is) Choo Choo due to his over the top Love for Trains.

So now many years later, we find ourselves with a Grandson who is mesmerized with ANYTHING "CHOO CHOO" and Randall and i are looking forward to "TRAINing" him up in the way he should go☺️

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