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The Surprised Observation of a Thrifter

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

AFTER TAKING INVENTORY of the glassware, dishware and flatware on hand inorder to begin preparations for upcoming celebrations i checked out the area thrift stores for fillers where needed. It has been awhile, but traditionally these have been my inexpensive, piece at a time, go to places for used, eclectic or older finds to fit into the mismatched mix i love so much. It also has allowed the support of so many good causes when shopping there. However this thrift shopping jaunt included a shock as the prices were not only much higher, but in almost every case higher then if I purchased them new at a Target or BB &B. I'm not looking for fine sitdown dinner stemware, we all have our favorite local shops for that. I'm looking for fun fillers and have loved over the years the thrill of the hunt when thrifting. But this time it was disheartening to see that the thrift stores are price matching up with the regular retailers!!! Bottomline i hope they are getting their too high for thrifting regular retail prices, It will only help their cause, but if it's not working for them I hope they return to what the good, fair, thrifting prices use to be. 

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