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The Joy of Finally Taking the Time

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

FOR YEARS i have been telling my plant loving friend Mevy that i was going to visit her place a few towns over where she does her beautiful floral work and grows hundreds of varieties of antique and heirloom roses. Time went on and on and we continued to see eachother at the Garden shows and speaking events every time making the comment that ONE DAY I was going to get out there. 

This was only one of many "let's have Lunch" or "I'd Love for you to come by!" SO, in attempt to continue this year to follow through on comments, commitments, promises, wishes and dreams of the past, i called my (always ready to find a new heirloom rose) friend Helen, we jumped in the car and we headed the 42 miles to Bassfield!!!!

And WHAT A TREAT!!!! Mevy and her two dogs met us as we drove up and instantly began touring us through flowerbed after flowerbed full of plants, interesting trellises, birdhouses and absolutely breathtaking metalwork pieces of art created by her Son. The plants covered the magnificent property all healthy happy and that of many varieties Helen nor i had ever seen or heard of!! Turn after turn brought us to a different garden within a garden amazing us time and time again as the three of us shared notes and garden experiences creating a day i will NEVER forget! So once again i am baffled as to why it takes us so long to do the things we love? For thanks to Mevy, her kindness the beautiful place she has created and willingness to share it with 2 crazy antique rose lovers this Joyful day will be remembered forever! THANK YOU MEVY, and THANK YOU HELEN for once again being up for an adventure☺️

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