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The Blessings of Things not Going Your Way

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

WHEN LIVING IN THE SAME LOCATION for almost 30 years, many things tend to change over time. The dreams and thoughts as to how you’d like to live in a space tends to settle into actualy how in reality you and your family end up using it. This also changes as your family changes and once again a space gets metamorphosed into it’s next use. However from time to time a sign of the past holds on so tight that it must be incorporated into the present design. This is the case with an Evergreen Wisteria that once adorned the well worn stairs and landing of the Gardener’s Cottage. This sweet plant made everything “Look Better” for the many years prior to us being able to add the now “Bird’s Nest Deck”, but due to it’s Location (which now is under the deck) it had to be cut completely down. This area is where the brick patio was then laid when friends Shelli and Steve came to visit. Well there was no stopping this determined plant. It worked it’s way through the brick so our Son Asher tried to DIG it up!!!. Well, that didn’t work either, so with the only 2 options (poisoning it or letting it win), I had to figure out a way to use this plant I’d loved for so long and find a NEW way for it to flourish smack in the middle of the patio. SO.....I ended up setting the little table right over the plant and wrapping the evergreen vines around its center base. Now it continues to grow creating a beautiful lush wreath that I am able to ENJOY DAILY!

What a BLESSING!!!

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