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The Blessing of YOU

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

THANK YOU! ALL OF YOU for being so supportive during this crazy Journey!! Wether subscribing to this website, continuing to have patience with us during the live sessions, Webinars and ebooks as we attempt to learn all these new ways to deliver information and doing Business, or sending us encouraging messages and "likes", they have ALL helped us and none have gone unnoticed. Thanks to all of you, we have come so much further in this past 15 months on this Home then in the entire 27+ years we lived here prior. The above note was sent through the Henington House website on the 1st of this year. I have held it close to my heart since receiving it but, have failed in figuring out how to respond or find who sent it inorder to let them know how much it has and will continue to mean to us. For years we traveled with our cart and Pony show Telling all who would listen how they should relax, enjoy and share their home using what they had or could easily acquire. Coming off the road, and being able to share this with YOU actually from my own home has been a gift and Blessing from All of You!! Thank you!!!! We have lots going forward and we are excited about you being here with us!!!!

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