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Taking Direction from Things that You Love

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

i HAVE ALWAYS LOVED the little snack plate/punch cup sets that were popular during the 40s and 50's and are now found often in estate sales and thrift stores. However i've not ever purchased or collected any of them and i'm not sure why??? It may be because there are so many different designs and materials that i felt i needed to zero in on just one and begin the hunt for that particular style. Who knows???? But 2 weeks ago when thrifting with a friend I fell deeply in love with this particular and unusual set, and though i once again passed it up and traveled the 90 miles to come home without it, i thought often about its unusual design, shape and color that had brought me such joy and began to figure out how it might be used in the upcoming festivities here at the house. 

So when traveling back through a few days ago, i decided to begin picking up these little sets  starting with this one that i'd fallen in love with,

 and rather then sticking to a certain look or style where these multi tasking plate/cup sets are concerned i'm instead enjoying the diversity and mood of the different combinations and letting them give me direction on how they might be used.

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