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Sticking  With What You Know and then Mixing it Up!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I AM LOVING doing what i do from home, and it is all this crazy internet/social media stuff that is making it possible to share it with you from here. But along with sharing the benefits of entertaining in your own home, such as using what you have and not having to load, unload, load and unload again...the biggest plus for me has been learning, and now knowing, how my home works. We've talked about not undecorating inorder to decorate, and we've talked about finding those key items and placing them in the focal points of your home (like a large punch bowl on a chest at the end of your dining room). We've even visited about easy "go to" materials that you can use in these areas. (Such as Green Apples or Orchids) But great Joy comes when you take what you know works and then start mixing up and combining materials together. Get Creative it really can be FUN!

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