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Setting yourself up for JOY

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

GETTING DOWN is not something that happens often around here, but once in awhile there are days where it feels like we're moving in quicksand. Sometimes I can put my finger on the reason why and sometimes I can't. We try very hard not to dread anything knowing that each moment is a gift and attempting with staying intune with the importance of "rejoicing always" and "being thankful in all circumstances" is our goal.....but somedays it's easier then others. 

HOWEVER, there are some practices that seem to always pull me out of a funk.

- Doing something for someone else.

- Getting with a friend that is upbeat and makes me laugh.

- Making sure my surroundings and home are full of the beauty and fun that makes my heart sing. 

This frog at the foot of a plant brought me Joy today, along with the unexpected visit from a forever friend and her Son. 

Life is GOOD! Thank you Friends!!!

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