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Seasonal Decorating Simplified

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

THE #1 DECORATING MISTAKE is simply  OVERTHINKING!!! An easy way to avoid this is by identifying a few focal points in the main areas of your home and then designating a few of your favorite pieces to make their permanent residence there. This has not only drastically changed the amount of time needed for decorating but has restored the JOY in the decorating process. It is just SO EASY!!!

This Elk Horn Punchbowl has not ever held punch!!! At the end of our Dining room is her place of importance. Adorned with beads and large foliage arrangements is how we dressed her for Christmas, but for Carnival we traded the Nandina branches for Granny Smith apples, left the beads from Holiday and added a Mask. BAM! DONE!

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