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Recreating a Look for Less at times makes "Cents" but Not Always

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

OFTEN i WILL FIND A LOOK in a magazine that fits in with what I'm doing, or could be doing, in some area of the Henington House. Recently a photo sparked the idea of flanking lamps with some height, on each side of the foyer buffet in front of the large gold mirror. Why I had not ever thought of using lamps here I do not know, but when seeing the photo it just made sense. However, i did not have any extra lamps and if i did the chances of them being tall enough and a matching pair, would have been slim. As you Know, lately i've been frequenting the thrift stores and been taken back by some of the pricing especially in the area of glassware. friend Lucy Reminded me that her husband managed the "360 Thrift Store" and suggested that i check the prices there. A couple days later a friend and i headed that direction. The glassware was priced the same as i'm finding everywhere else but we found some GREAT BUYS on some other items. For example, THE LAMPS! Yes! i couldn't believe it! 2 tall matching lamps! And if you zoom in on the photo above you will see the price tag of $4!!! BUT WAIT! We were there on Tuesday, and Tuesdays and Thursday's are half price days for items marked with blue this month so i paid $2 for each lamp!!!! i was absolutely in shock and when i got home i realized that i didn't even check to see if they worked before i left the shop. Anyway for $2 i could hang a hat on them! Well, they do work, But this is where i have to be careful. i now needed to find 2 harps that fit these lamps, 2 matching lampshades that fit these lamps and 2 finials inorder to prepare them for their final destination, the Foyer Buffet.

 i am happy to report that the $2 lamps are now complete at $14 lamps, but they are in their assigned location, look just the way i had hoped and without over spending. But that's not always the case, and sometimes i can waste time and money trying to hunt down missing parts that aren't to be found, but not today, nope, not today.☺️ 

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