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Puppies in the House!

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

IT'S BEEN AWHILE since we've had a puppy around the Henington House, let alone 7 of them!!!

Yes, we have 7 puppies and their sweet Mother "Harriet" staying with us as Foster Parents for the Southern Pines Animal Shelter. It has been SUCH A JOY!!!! Randall and i have laughed and played with these full of personality little guys and gals (4 of them look like Pandas) But we had forgotten how guickly your home can be filled with the fragrance of Puppy!!!! So tonight, while getting ready for the coffee tomorrow, we gave ALL of them a bath. No longer does our home smell of Puppy..... it now smells of WET PUPPIES! Oh well....they're REALLY cute, AND they're clean!!!!

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