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Pass-Along Seeds Full of  Love, Friendship & Memories

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

GATHERING SEEDS FOR GARDEN CLUB this morning from the little cottage flowerbeds in front of the Henington Carriage House, was surprisingly eventful as i dodged the patches of ice remaining on the circle drive from the snow the day before. We're not use to the snow or ice in South Mississippi and in most cases we all stay inside until all signs of the "Winter Vortex" are long gone.....Unless its Garden Club!!

In the 24 years that i have had the joy of being a part of this group, we have met in the middle of many Rain/Thunderstorms, a couple of Snow Days (when everything else was shut down) and even a tornado! Many take their Garden Clubs very seriously competing in competitions and putting on display their fine specimens from their well groomed gardens and yards. But not this group. Though the first and oldest Garden Club in our community dating back to 1927, (Mrs Henington was a member), this is a group of women of all ages that absolutely love gathering and visiting with each other during our monthly luncheon meetings. So as I was packaging these seeds that have adorned the soil of perhaps as many as 5 of our Garden Club Members, over 3 Generations, i was reminded that the healing properties of these Echinacea seeds (cone flower) went far further then warding off colds and helping with sunburns, these particular seeds are chocked full of Love, friendship & memories.

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