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Our Mailman has about Given Up on me

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

SOMETIMES i GET OVER ZEALOUS when we have yard sales and as things start getting busy and exciting I have a tendency to sell EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! In fact when the kids were younger Randall would tell them to keep moving during our sales for fear I'd put a price tag on them. To this day, he swears one sale i put a tag on one of our dogs (Not true....i'd never sell one of the dogs). 

ANYWAY, during our last sale i sold our mailbox. Not an extra mailbox, or one that needed to be, i sold our one and only mailbox!!!!

So for sometime now we haven't had a place for our mailman to put our mail. I keep looking for a new/old one that would fit the look of the house but to date NO LUCK!!! I've looked everywhere, big box stores, shops, while thrifting and even on line but nothing.....

And i believe our wonderful Mailman has about given up on me......this photo is where we last found our mail!

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