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HENINGTON HOUSE: Living in a Village comes in handy

PLANNING A WEDDING AT HOME can be overwhelming. But over the years we have drilled in our Daughter's heads, John David Williams' #1 wedding planning  advice "A Bride can afford to have any wedding she wants simply by deciding on the size of the guest list". So by my Daughter's choice to have it here at the house, that instantly dictated the number of invitations. However, not all decisions will be that easy and as i ponder over all of the wedding information and advice both given and received over the years, I am VERY COMFORTED BY THIS....

I live in a Villiage!!! Yes i do!!! And that became apparent this morning while sitting here with my coffee and my trusty sidekick Boovo, as i  was able to text and call friends and businesses that offer event services, help and advice, all within a close proximity of this place we call home!! We still have much to do and this has only started the ball rolling with clippings and notes, lists and quotes, but it's a start!

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