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Learning Your Place can be Painful at Times

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

i ALWAYS WANTED CHICKENS, so Winter before last we spent a good bit of time getting a space prepared for a few fine feathered friends, along with researching how to care for them and what was allowed and not allowed for city folk to take a Gander at Chickens. A few months later my Sister sent us home from Her place in Texas with Betty and Bonnie two beautiful and sweet hens that quickly stole our hearts. They were entertaining and fun with personalities that any human would be envious of. They had the cutest Hen House that was a welcomed hand-me -down from a friend and sporting new chicken themed signage "HENington HOUSE". 

"THE GIRLS" as we referred to them, would hang with me as i gardened and tended to outdoor chores following me wherever i went and every so often "the chickens would cross the road" to visit the Bishop Family, answering the age old Question

"Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?".....Anyway, one morning I found that Betty had been brutally attacked by an animal that I'm sure was a step or two ahead of her on the chain, but it absolutely destroyed me.......Calling my Sister As i was crying so severely that i couldn't speak let alone breathe, she quickly and sternly said without much sympathy, "This is the difference between being a Farmer and a Pet Owner. You Cath, are a Pet Owner." She was right....and though i was disappointed and hurt, i was glad we had our time with "the girls" and it helped me in learning my place, a pet owner and not a farmer.

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